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A fence is only as secure as its gate! That's why it's important to choose a gate that not only looks great but will stand the test of time at your Louisiana property. No matter what type of fence you choose, we make sure your gates are strong by only working with the most reputable manufacturers in the industry and utilizing our craftsmanship skills to build lifetime guaranteed metal frames on every wood fence gate.

Our wood fence gates are made with a steel frame every time for quality and durability, allowing your gate to swing correctly and avoid the sagging issues that many gates experience over the years. Not only do we do this for every wood gate, but we provide a lifetime warranty for you on the metal frame and hinges – that's how much we care about the quality of our work and your peace of mind!

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Fence Gates Key Features

Your fence posts are what matters most to keep your fence strong and straight for its lifetime. Your fence gate posts need to be even stronger to hold the extra weight and motion of your gate – that's why we use larger, heavy duty posts for every gate installation.
Many companies install wood fence gates with a wooden frame that is prone to rot, break, and sag, causing issues with security and opening correctly. Not at Zale! We frame every wood gate with a steel system that we guarantee to work for the life of your gate!
Have a special design you saw on Pinterest? We do custom designs just for you! Speak to our team today to plan your creative ideas and we will show you all of the available options you could want.
Gate latches and hinges are an important piece of a properly working gate. We use high-quality hardware that looks great and lasts a lifetime!
key features of fence gates in Slidell Louisiana

The Benefits of Fence Gates

Here's some reasons why property owners love to install fence gates from Zale Fencing in Louisiana!

example of a wood fence gate in Slidell Louisiana

Fence Gates are Secure

Installing a solid fence gate with your new fence is the difference between a secured property and an unprotected one. With a secure fence gate, intruders cannot enter your space without breaking or scaling it, which is a great deterrent and one that can keep your family and pets safe inside.

Fence Gates are Decorative

Use your fence gate as an added enhancement to your fence design and appearance by opting for a decorative style to match your unique taste and property. You can design your fence gate with flourishes in traditional or modern looks based on what you like best.

Fence Gates are Convenient

A proper fence gate in the perfect size and location within your fence creates the convenient access you need to get where you're going. Gates can be placed on multiple sides of your fence, or just one main location. You can choose double swing gates or single and adjust the width of the gate opening for walking or driving through.

Framing a wood fence gate with wood looks great at first install, but over time it will sag, rot, and break and need to be replaced. Gates need a stronger frame than the rest of the fence due to added pressure put on them by the mobility they need to swing open. Whether you have a double swing gate or a single swing gate, a steel metal frame, like the ones we install on every wood gate, will keep your gate strong and straight for the lifetime of the fence.

Every metal-framed wood fence gate we install comes with a lifetime warranty on our workmanship and materials. You can have peace of mind knowing that we take pride in our work and will help if an issue ever arises. On gates from our other types of fences, we provide a workmanship warranty of 2 years and each manufacturer provides warranties on the materials based on the type and style you choose.

We provide free estimates easily when you use our online free estimator tool! Simply visit the link and follow the fast, easy steps to get a quote in minutes! You can compare any type of fence we install to see the differences in options and pricing to decide what matters to you most. Our team will follow up with you and get you on your way to a brand new fence and gate!

For all of our wood fence gate installs in the Slidell, Louisiana area, we use high-quality hardware from Shark Hinge, made in Texas, crafted to eliminate common problems like gate sag and drag. You can choose between galvanized steel coating or black-coated hinges for the exact look you want. We warranty our gate latches and frame hinges on every wood gate!

Larger posts than the rest of the fence posts are needed for the extra weight and motion of your gates. That's why we install 6x6 posts for our wood gates and have the option to install galvanized metal posts for stronger, longer-lasting fences. Get a quote from our online instant quote service for the exact options you're looking for and speak to our fence team to plan the perfect design for your new fence project!

Yes! We encourage our customers to be creative and choose a fence design that fits their exact style. We have many standard fence gate designs you can choose from, or show us a picture of a fence design you'd like instead! Our main goal is to provide you with the best customer service and high-quality fencing services that will satisfy your priorities.

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