Wood Fencing Special Features

Wood fences from Zale Fencing in the Slidell, Louisiana area and beyond come with a very wide selection of options and customizable features. We aren't your average fence company building low-grade, basic wood fences! The quality of wood we offer, fence styles you can choose from, and other top cap or inserts you can add in set us apart from other fence companies.

From the posts to the pickets, we want your wood fence to be exactly the way you want it!

Wood Fence - Slidell Louisiana

What Makes Us Special How We're Different


PostMaster Posts

If you prefer metal posts to wood posts for your wood fence, we have multiple options you can choose from, including PostMaster branded posts! These trademarked steel posts eliminate the possibility of post rot and are seamlessly installed right into your wood fence, allowing you to keep the beautifully natural look of wood while having the benefits of a strong, steel framework.


Metal Gate Frames

Metal framing of your wooden gate is the best way to prevent sagging and warping over the years. While some companies allow you to choose a metal frame as an additional cost, we build every wood gate with a metal frame and provide you with a warranty on the metal frame and hinges for its lifetime!


Post Depth

The depth your fence posts are set is an important factor in the longevity and overall strength of your wood fence. Many companies take shortcuts and may only set their posts a couple feet down, cutting off the top of the post rather than setting it deeper. At Zale Fencing, every wood fence installation we do includes post setting at 34" down (36" for gate posts) into the ground and held in place with up to two bags of high quality concrete.



Pre-staining your new wood fence will help keep the integrity and quality of the beautiful wood intact from the moment your fence is installed! While it's optional to stain anytime after your fence is already installed, pre-staining helps to cover every inch of your wood posts, pickets, and rails before it is assembled, giving the ultimate level of protection.

Obstructions Removed

When you have any obstructions in the way of your fence line, there's no need to call a separate contractor! Our team at Zale can fall trees, cut shrubs, or remove other obstructions prior to our fence installation.

Dirt Hauled

After your fence is installed, we will haul away any extra dirt so your yard won't be left a mess! If you have any need for fill dirt, we are happy to use the extra dirt for that, or we will pick it up and haul it away when we leave.

Pet Plan

We care about your pets! That's why we take extra care to come up with a plan with you during installation day. If your pet still needs to use the yard, we can create a specified area for them to play while we do our work.

Wood Fencing Key Features

At properties throughout Slidell Lousiana, three core components define the durability and lifespan of a wood fence: posts, pickets, and rails. Zale Fencing ensures these elements come together perfectly for a naturally stunning and resilient fencing solution.

Leading wood Fence Company in Slidell Lousiana

Strong Wood Posts

A wood fence is only as strong as its posts. It's vital to have durable posts correctly installed for the Slidell Lousiana area for a fence that lasts! With our experienced team providing the installation, you're assured of posts that stay put for years. Our solid posts are the heart of a long-lasting fence.

Our team carefully selects and sets up every post, rail, and picket to give your fence a long life in Slidell Lousiana.

Leading wood Fence Company in Slidell Lousiana

Quality Wood Rails for Reliable Fences

At Zale Fencing, we prioritize quality in every detail, including our wood rails. Our rails are designed to be robust and dependable. They outperform the rails you'll find with lower-quality wood fences. Whether it's impacts from people or nature, our high-quality wood rails are built to resist damage as much as possible, ensuring your wood fence remains strong and attractive.

Leading wood Fence Company in Slidell Lousiana

Sturdy Wood Pickets Perfect for Slidell Lousiana

Zale Fencing is your source for top-quality wood fence pickets. Our thicker and wider pickets might cost a little more than the cheaper ones you'll find at large retail outlets, but they're built to withstand Slidell Lousiana's challenging climate. When it comes to durable and attractive wood fences, our high-quality wood pickets are the way to go!

The Benefits of Wood Fencing

We love installing wood fences for customers all across Slidell and Louisiana for its many benefits. Here are a few of them!

example of a Aluminmum privacy fence in Slidell Louisiana

Wood Fences are Versatile

Wood fences are one of the most versatile types of fencing you can choose. Not only does it come in a variety of styles and color options, but it can be applied in nearly any situation. Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from a wood fence installation. Wood fences can be built to follow a grade or can be installed on a flat piece of land. No matter your priorities for fence installation, we can design the perfect wood fence for you.

Wood Fences are Strong

Wood fences are a strong material that has been used for fences for hundreds of years, and probably thousands! Whether you choose pressure-treated wood or cedar wood, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a strong fence for many years. We make our fences exceptionally strong with our metal frame gates and depth of our wood fence posts so you can have the peace of mind you need.

Wood Fences are Beautiful

Nothing quite matches the natural beauty of wood fencing at Louisiana homes. Wood can be crafted into many different shapes and styles and can also be stained in a wide variety of shades and colors to match your perfect look! At Zale Fencing, we love taking your creative wood fence ideas and bringing them to life!

CHOOSE YOUR Type of Wood Fence

Decide on the wood fence that's best for your level of needs and budget at your Slidell area property. We can build your fence from a range of grades within each type of fence.

Pressure-treated pine wood fences

Pressure-treated Wood Fences

Pressure-treated pine is our most economical option for wood fencing in the Slidell area. When you're looking for the base level wood fence, this option is for you! Just like other types of wood, pressure-treated pine can be styled and stained the way you like it to match your space.

Pressure-treated pine wood fences

Cedar Wood Fences

When you choose cedar wood for your Louisiana fence, you have the option to choose between a few different grades of quality wood. All cedar wood is more dense and durable than its pressure-treated counterpart, but we offer options in Western Red Cedar #1 and #2, as well as Clear Cedar and dimensional lumber that are thicker boards than the standard pickets.

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Examples of Our Wood Fences

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All of our wood fences are offered in pressure-treated pine or western red cedarwood in a variety of grades. Pressure-treated pine is the most affordable type of wood, however, it is also the lowest quality and may not last as long as cedar will.

Within our cedarwood fences, you can choose between grade levels of #1, #2, and clear cedar based on your preference and budget. #1 Cedar is a higher quality of wood than #2, offering wood that has fewer knots throughout the lumber. Clear cedar is our premium grade and many customers preferred options containing no knots in the wood pickets and rails.

The most popular wood fence styles we install across Slidell and the surrounding areas are horizontal, board-on-board, picketed, exposed post, and shadowbox styles. We can also install wood fences in post-and-rail or nearly any other style you can imagine! We pride ourselves on our custom craftsmanship and will work with you to design the fence you need.

If you're looking for certain designs in top caps, post toppers, mudboard, or inserts on your gates, we can accommodate these options and more. When you go through our instant online fence estimator tool, you'll find all of the current and most popular options we offer and can request additional designs, too.

We have found that driving wood posts is not the best method for the sandy soil you'll find in Louisiana. That's why we dig and set every fence post in at the proper depth with up to 2 bags of concrete for the highest durability.

Fences all across Slidell and the rest of Louisiana last the longest with proper care and high-quality oil-based stains. At Zale, we offer staining as well as pre-staining services to give you quality fence care right away! Pre-stain is by far the best way to protect your wood fence and look beautiful in the exact shade you choose.

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