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Count on Zale Fencing for professional fence installation in Hancock County Mississippi! You'll find our dedication to our superior craftsmanship and excellent customer service a cut above the rest! We are here to help you find the perfect fence for your home or business and make it an enjoyable experience from start to finish!

When installing a fence in Hancock County MS, there are many things to consider. A fence company can help you through the many considerations and requirements involved with fencing and the professionals at Zale Fencing are here for you!

Our experts in Hancock County MS can help you decide if you need a new fence or repairs, and no matter what, you can count on us to use only the finest materials and do the task efficiently. Whether you want the natural appeal of a cedar wood fence to add privacy to your home, or you want an elegant, strong aluminum fence to enhance security at your business, Zale Fencing has the solutions for a beautiful, durable, strong fence that accommodates your needs!

Get a New Hancock County Mississippi Fence

A fence is one of the most rewarding and cost-effective home and business improvement projects you can make. Hancock County MS fences not only improve the curb appeal of your property, but also raise its resale value and improve the neighborhood. Call Zale Fencing now to arrange your new fence installation!

Hancock County Mississippi Fence Company

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It's super easy to get a quote for your next fence with Zale Fencing. Our tool is completely free and can help you discover your options and estimated costs for your new fence in Hancock County Mississippi.

Hancock County MS
Common Types of Fencing

Whether you choose an aluminum fence, vinyl fence, chain link fence, or wood fence, Zale Fencing will build it the right way. Other fence companies in Hancock County MS may take shortcuts and price cuts, but our company always puts the customer first. From the depth of the fence posts to the reinforced railings, we will build your fence to last and do our part to keep your property safe and secure for a very long time.

Hancock County MS Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fences

If you need maximum security, such as for a business or to safeguard your pool, aluminum fences are the right choice. Your property in Hancock County deserves to be protected, and our aluminum fences get the job done. Aluminum fences tend to be more costly but are a great investment for security. Paired with a strong steel gate, your property will be protected, and your investment is covered under both workmanship and manufacturer warranties. Nothing gets by our aluminum fences!

Hancock County MS Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

If your purpose for installing a fence is simply to keep insiders in and outsiders out, and you don't want any frills, a chain link fence is the easy choice. We install galvanized or aluminized chain link fences all around the state of Mississippi to provide protection and security. With various gauges to choose from, you can build a reliable chain link fence to meet your needs. Our experts at Zale Fencing can even install PVC-coated chain link fences in black, green, or brown.

Hancock County MS Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences

Nobody builds a better vinyl fence in Hancock County Mississippi than Zale Fencing does! We use the highest quality vinyl from Generations Vinyl Fencing, and our reinforced bottom rails prevent vinyl fences from sagging or bowing. There is little to no maintenance required to keep your vinyl fence looking new and standing strong for many years. You could opt for the popular white picket vinyl fence or one that provides a completely closed wall of protection.

Hancock County MS Wood Fences

Wood Fences

At Zale Fencing, our wood fences are built to hold up longer than others in the industry. PostMaster steel posts fortify our wood fences, keeping them strong and straight after years of wear and tear. Metal framing is attached behind every wood gate we install, and we use high-quality hardware to resist rust and breakage. We encourage our customers to opt for pre-stained cedar wood to protect the quality of the wood fence and safeguard against rotting or splintering. Wood fences should last!

Whether for Home or Business, We've Got Your Fence!

Hancock County residential and commercial fencing options

The Hancock County MS residential fence and commercial fence choices available from Zale Fencing are impressive! All types of fence materials, styles, colors, and strengths can be used no matter what your need. We're here to help you figure out which one fits your demands the best.

Hancock County Mississippi residential fencing company

Hancock County Mississippi
Residential Fences

Our local reputation as a leading fence company in the Hancock County area would not have been possible without a comprehensive selection of high-quality residential fencing choices. Residential fencing materials available to our customers include wood, vinyl, chain link, and aluminum. We provide an array of options, designs, and colors, from classic to contemporary and everything in between. We offer residential fence choices that will work effortlessly for your Hancock County MS location, whether you want added security, complete privacy, or a stunning border around your property.

Hancock County Mississippi commercial fencing company

Hancock County Mississippi
Commercial Fences

If your business is in need of strong fencing that is durable and also looks great, Zale Fencing has the solution. Our company offers a vast selection of commercial fencing in the Hancock County area ranging from chain link, aluminum, wood, and vinyl. Your goals of achieving protection, security, and a sharp look become our goals and can be quickly and economically accomplished by contacting the experts at Zale Fencing.


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Privacy Fences for Hancock County Properties

Hancock County homeowners and business owners can choose between a wide range of privacy fence styles that look great and last a long time. Privacy fencing is one of our specialties!

Hancock County Mississippi wood privacy fencing

Hancock County MississippiWood Privacy Fences

One of the most common options for fencing in Hancock County is a privacy fence made of wood. Many people are drawn to the natural aesthetic and practical benefits that wood fences often have, not to mention the broad range of designs that may be achieved by our experienced craftsmen.

Hancock County Mississippi vinyl privacy fencing

Hancock County MississippiVinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fences in Hancock County are not only attractive and long-lasting, but they need almost zero maintenance, which ensures that they will look good for many years without any inconvenience to you. It's no wonder vinyl fences are a popular choice for creating privacy!

Hancock County Mississippi chain link privacy fencing

Hancock County MississippiChain Link Privacy Fences

Adding PVC slats to a chain link fence can add privacy and elegance to your yard or pool area. A commercial property can benefit from privacy slats as it obscures the view from stored materials that you may not want the public to see.


Fence Installation From the Hancock County Pros

Zale Fencing is proud to be among the best-reviewed fence installation businesses in Hancock County. We welcome the chance to demonstrate our quality service and customer care!

Hancock County Mississippi Professional Fence Installation

We Have the Fence Installation Expertise and Know-How!

Whether your fence project is big or small, we deliver the highest quality service in Hancock County. Our professional installers use only the most reliable methods and industry standards to install your fence, no matter which material or style you choose. You can count on the professionals at Zale Fencing to build you a great fence that lasts!

Fencing Done Right with the Pros at Zale Fencing

Protecting your home, your family, your business... those are important things that should never be left to just anyone. When choosing a local fence company, there are some options you will find in the Hancock County area, but none as reputable as Zale Fencing.

Commitment, excellence, and customer care are some of our core principles that set Zale Fencing apart from the others. You'll find a full line of residential and commercial-grade fences in several grades, heights, and styles. Whatever level of security, privacy, or style you need, we are up for the task!

Our locally owned and operated business has a long record of satisfied customers in the Hancock County area and you can be confident that when you choose to work with us, you will be happy you did!

3 Simple Fence Buying Steps in Hancock County

We have made it as easy as possible for people in Hancock County to buy a fence from us. We have many different materials and styles to choose from, and we can help you design the perfect fence for your property. Find out what kinds of fences are available in the Hancock County area and decide which one is best for you, then call the experts at Zale Fencing if you have any questions about our fencing products or need help with the design.

Buying a Hancock County fence - Step 1

Our Selection of Quality Fence Materials

The first step in designing your new fence is to look at our website and see what kinds of fence materials we have. Each material has its own strengths, so learn more about each one to see which fits your needs. We install wood, chain link, vinyl, and aluminum fencing and each one can be made to fit your individualized style.

Buying a Hancock County fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

After figuring out what the main purpose of your fence is and choosing a material, you'll also want to make sure that your choices are within your budget. If you give us a call, we'll be happy to come out and give you an accurate estimate for your fencing project based on the size, style, and type of fence you want.

You should feel good about the choice you make for your next fence. We can help you find the right fence for your needs by offering a wide range of materials and styles.

Buying a Hancock County fence - Step 3

Professional Installation in Hancock County

The time has come to install your fence, as you've now done the necessary planning and obtained your personalized estimate. Hiring a skilled fence crew is the key! We have a team of professional fence installers that can get the work done to your precise requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Use our online fence estimator tool to get started, and call us to set up an appointment for a consultation at your Hancock County home. We will do everything we can to find you the fence you need. We take care of every step of building a fence, from beginning to end!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fencing in Hancock County

Our most frequently asked questions about fences in Hancock County Mississippi.

The popularity of fence types in Hancock County varies depending on their intended use. Among residents and homeowners, vinyl and wood fences are commonly preferred, while aluminum and chain link fences are also commonly seen around the area. Commercial properties often opt for aluminum or chain link fences, based on their specific security and durability requirements.

Building permit requirements for fences can vary based on the location within Mississippi. While most fences below 6 feet in height typically don't require permits, it is essential to consult with your local municipality or our professionals to ensure compliance with the specific regulations governing fence installations.

With a proven track record, Zale Fencing has been providing fence installation services in MS since 2021. Our extensive experience and commitment to quality have made us one of the most reputable fence companies in the Hancock County area.

Rest assured, we are a fully licensed and insured company, equipped to handle fence installations in Hancock County with utmost professionalism. Our dedication to exceptional workmanship and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive the highest standards of service.

Getting an estimate from Zale Fencing is hassle-free! You can utilize our convenient instant online quote tool, reach out to our office staff through the online contact form, or simply give us a call. Our friendly fence experts will guide you through the process, offering expert advice and helping you design a fence that meets your specific security and privacy needs.

We provide a wide array of fencing styles to cater to diverse preferences in Hancock County. Our options include wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link fences, each offering unique features and benefits. Explore our website to get a glimpse of the available styles and feel free to contact us via phone or email for detailed information and personalized assistance.

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From residential to agricultural, discover the range of fences we've crafted in Hancock County Mississippi. Preview a selection below, and connect with us for an extensive look into our gallery.

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