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All across the Kenner Louisiana region, homeowners and business owners are looking for their best investment to improve their property appearance and add security. What is the answer? A strong, attractive fence will do the trick!

For a beautiful accent to your Kenner property, add a fence that will complement your home or a privacy wood fence option for your backyard space. Create an impressive look at your business by installing an elegant aluminum fence or vinyl fence that creates great curb appeal. If security is your bigger concern, nothing beats the economy and durability of a chain link fence to boost the protection of your residential or commercial property.

No matter what you're looking for, when it comes to fencing, Zale Fencing is your solution! We love to help our clients find the perfect, long-lasting fence for their specific needs that will enhance their property and provide the best in security.

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Kenner Louisiana Wood Fence Options

Wood fences are a popular choice for many homes and commercial spaces across the Kenner area due to their natural beauty and strong material. We build all of our wood fences with ground contact pressure-treated pine or cedar for a higher quality product and long life and offer many different styles of wood fencing, so you're sure to find one that suits your style!

Kenner LA Shadowbox style wood fence

Shadowbox Style Wood Fences

Shadowbox fence is a semi-privacy kind of wood fencing. Residents of Kenner and LA are attracted to this design because of its unique method of producing a wood fence that appears equally beautiful on both sides of the fence rails.

Kenner LA stockade style wood fence

Privacy Style Wood Fences

Wood fences offer many full and semi-privacy styles. One of the most common styles is a stockade fence. You can also choose horizontal styles or shadowbox styles within the privacy category. All of these wood fences in Kenner can be either stained and sealed or painted to whatever color you like best.

Kenner LA cap and trim style wood fence

Cap & Trim Style Wood Fences

Cap and trim accents further improve the look of stockade fences. While the ornamental pieces at the top and bottom will give your fence a more polished appearance, your wood fence will still provide you with the fantastic seclusion you need and want.

Kenner LA horizontal style wood fence

Horizontal Style Wood Fences

One of the more modern ways to finish the look of your property is with one of our many styles of horizontal wood fences. Just as it sounds, pickets are placed horizontally in each panel in full privacy or partial.

Best Fences for Your Property in Kenner Louisiana

At Zale Fencing, our experts have 20 years of experience in fencing, so we have seen it all! Whatever your property type or your specific priorities are, we can help you make the right choice for your new fence! There are four main categories of fencing for homes and businesses in Kenner Louisiana: Aluminum Fence, Vinyl Fence, Chain Link Fence, and Wood Fence.

aluminum fence Kenner Louisiana

Kenner Louisiana Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are a highly popular choice for pool fences and business entrances in the local Kenner area. These fences tend to be more costly upfront but are a great investment for security and curb appeal. Aluminum fences last for decades without any fuss or maintenance and they add elegance to any yard or garden. At Zale Fencing, we have a large selection of access gates and decorative finials to enhance your aluminum fence!

Kenner Aluminum Fence
chain link fence Kenner Louisiana

Kenner Louisiana Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are the most affordable option for many customers we serve at Zale Fencing. Our chain link fencing comes in multiple gauges so you can control the thickness and cost of your project. We install chain link fences around homes and businesses across Louisiana to provide protection and security without breaking the bank. For style enhancement, consider PVC coating in black, green, or brown. To keep your chain link fence strong and secure, consider wires and extension poles.

Kenner Chain Link Fence
vinyl fence Kenner Louisiana

Kenner Louisiana Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are the perfect choice for a backyard, a playground, or other spaces for entertaining. Vinyl fencing comes in multiple colors and it can even replicate woodgrain, but it's more durable than many other fencing materials. Weather in Kenner Louisiana is no match for our vinyl fences because at Zale Fencing, we use the highest quality vinyl from Generations Vinyl Fencing and our reinforced bottom rails prevent sagging or bowing.

Kenner Vinyl Fence
wood fence Kenner Louisiana

Kenner Louisiana Wood Fence

At Zale Fencing, we have installed hundreds of wood fences and no two styles are exactly alike. Homeowners and business owners love the quaint charm afforded by a wood fence, not to mention the highly customizable details. We encourage customers to provide inspirational photos so we can build a fence beyond their expectations. With almost a hundred stain colors and customizable options, you could design a wood fence anywhere from a simple picket fence to a solid fence with a logo or initials cutout.

Kenner Wood Fence

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Get in touch directly with one of our expert team members who have the experience and knowledge to help walk you through all your questions. When you're fence shopping in Kenner Louisiana, let us be the one to help you along the way!

Kenner Louisiana residential and commercial fencing

Find Your Perfect Fence in Kenner

There are many different reasons for wanting a fence in Kenner. All of them are just as important as the rest! The first thing we look at is whether a person wants a residential fence or a commercial fence for their business. We can help you choose the absolute best fence that works for you!

Kenner LouisianaResidential Fences

Different materials, like vinyl, aluminum, wood, and chain link, can be used to make fencing for homes in Kenner LA. After you choose a material, you can choose the style and color you want. Wood and vinyl fences have more style options, but aluminum and chain link fences also have a lot of ways to change their look.

Kenner Residential Fencing

Kenner LouisianaCommercial Fences

There are numerous advantages to having a residential fence in Kenner, regardless of the kind you choose. Zale Fencing is happy to help you design a fence for your home to suit your needs.

Kenner Commercial Fencing

Fencing Done Right with the Pros at Zale Fencing

Protecting your home, your family, your business... those are important things that should never be left to just anyone. When choosing a local fence company, there are some options you will find in the Kenner area, but none as reputable as Zale Fencing.

Commitment, excellence, and customer care are some of our core principles that set Zale Fencing apart from the others. You'll find a full line of residential and commercial-grade fences in several grades, heights, and styles. Whatever level of security, privacy, or style you need, we are up for the task!

Our locally owned and operated business has a long record of satisfied customers in the Kenner area and you can be confident that when you choose to work with us, you will be happy you did!

Fence Installation Options

For homes and businesses across Kenner Louisiana, we will work with you to plan your fence installation the way you want it!

Kenner Louisiana Professional Fence Installation

Professional Installation
Fences in Kenner Louisiana

We have a fantastic crew of fence installers that are knowledgeable and efficient with any fence you can imagine. Call Zale Fencing when you need expert installation services. All of our fence professionals are experienced installers who know the Kenner area, the climate, and your local town regulations. Connect with our staff about your fencing needs so that we can help you choose the ideal fence and arrange our expert installation.

Buy A Fence in 3 Easy Steps in Kenner

Since 2021, Zale Fencing has been supplying Kenner with the high-quality fence installation and fence supplies that its customers have come to expect from the best contractor in the area. You can have the ideal fence for your property up and running in no time by following our three easy steps.

Buying a Kenner fence - Step 1

From a Variety of Fence Types and Styles

Think about the many fence varieties we provide and the multiple fence designs that are offered for properties in Kenner Louisiana. Many high-quality fences that can withstand the Louisiana climate and survive for decades are available to choose between. We are ready to take your call! Learn more about the many fence solutions we provide on our website.

Buying a Kenner fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

Selecting a fence in Kenner is as easy as giving our professional team a call or browsing the options on our instant fence quote tool. Select your favorite fence material, grade level, color, and style that fits all of your needs and budget.Zale Fencing has been consulting with homeowners and business owners on the finest fencing solutions for years, and we are happy to do the same for you. Find the greatest, most durable fence for your new construction project with our expertise.

Buying a Kenner fence - Step 3

By the Top Professionals

As soon as you've made your fence and style decision, our crew can schedule the delivery of materials and get your installation on our schedule at a time that works best for you. We'll have your fence put up quickly and efficiently. Our staff is here to help you get exactly what you want and need.

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Our team has collected residential and agricultural fencing wonders of Kenner, articles and resources tailored for the Kenner community, and a sprinkle of local charm for our Kenner folks.

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The popularity of different fence types in Kenner varies depending on their specific use. Vinyl and wood fences are commonly preferred by residents and homeowners, while aluminum and chain link fences are also popular. For commercial properties, the choice of fence depends on the desired level of security and strength, with both aluminum and chain link options being suitable for many commercial settings.

Building permit requirements for fences can vary based on your specific location within Louisiana. While most fences under 6 ft typically don't require permits, it's crucial to check with your local municipality or our professionals for the specific regulations governing fence construction in your area.

At Zale Fencing, we have been proudly constructing fences in LA since 2021. With our commitment to quality and reputation for excellence, we have become one of the most trusted fence companies in the Kenner area.

Absolutely! Our company is fully licensed and insured, providing professional fence installations in Kenner and ensuring the highest standards of workmanship and customer service.

Obtaining an estimate from Zale Fencing is quick and easy! You can use our convenient instant online quote tool, reach out to our office staff through our online contact form, or simply give us a call. Our friendly fence professionals will guide you through the process, helping you design the perfect fence to meet your security and privacy needs.

We offer a wide range of fencing options including wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link fences, with various designs available to suit your preferences. Take a look at our website to explore the basics, and feel free to contact us via phone or email to learn more about the extensive services we provide.

Examples of Kenner Louisiana Fences

From residential to agricultural, discover the range of fences we've crafted in Kenner Louisiana. Preview a selection below, and connect with us for an extensive look into our gallery.