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All across the Madisonville Louisiana region, homeowners and business owners are looking for their best investment to improve their property appearance and add security. What is the answer? A strong, attractive fence will do the trick!

For a beautiful accent to your Madisonville property, add a fence that will complement your home or a privacy wood fence option for your backyard space. Create an impressive look at your business by installing an elegant aluminum fence or vinyl fence that creates great curb appeal. If security is your bigger concern, nothing beats the economy and durability of a chain link fence to boost the protection of your residential or commercial property.

No matter what you're looking for, when it comes to fencing, Zale Fencing is your solution! We love to help our clients find the perfect, long-lasting fence for their specific needs that will enhance their property and provide the best in security.

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Best Fences for Your Property in Madisonville Louisiana

At Zale Fencing, our experts have 20 years of experience in fencing, so we have seen it all! Whatever your property type or your specific priorities are, we can help you make the right choice for your new fence! There are four main categories of fencing for homes and businesses in Madisonville Louisiana: Aluminum Fence, Vinyl Fence, Chain Link Fence, and Wood Fence.

aluminum fence Madisonville Louisiana

Madisonville Louisiana Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are a highly popular choice for pool fences and business entrances in the local Madisonville area. These fences tend to be more costly upfront but are a great investment for security and curb appeal. Aluminum fences last for decades without any fuss or maintenance and they add elegance to any yard or garden. At Zale Fencing, we have a large selection of access gates and decorative finials to enhance your aluminum fence!

Madisonville Aluminum Fence
chain link fence Madisonville Louisiana

Madisonville Louisiana Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are the most affordable option for many customers we serve at Zale Fencing. Our chain link fencing comes in multiple gauges so you can control the thickness and cost of your project. We install chain link fences around homes and businesses across Louisiana to provide protection and security without breaking the bank. For style enhancement, consider PVC coating in black, green, or brown. To keep your chain link fence strong and secure, consider wires and extension poles.

Madisonville Chain Link Fence
vinyl fence Madisonville Louisiana

Madisonville Louisiana Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are the perfect choice for a backyard, a playground, or other spaces for entertaining. Vinyl fencing comes in multiple colors and it can even replicate woodgrain, but it's more durable than many other fencing materials. Weather in Madisonville Louisiana is no match for our vinyl fences because at Zale Fencing, we use the highest quality vinyl from Generations Vinyl Fencing and our reinforced bottom rails prevent sagging or bowing.

Madisonville Vinyl Fence
wood fence Madisonville Louisiana

Madisonville Louisiana Wood Fence

At Zale Fencing, we have installed hundreds of wood fences and no two styles are exactly alike. Homeowners and business owners love the quaint charm afforded by a wood fence, not to mention the highly customizable details. We encourage customers to provide inspirational photos so we can build a fence beyond their expectations. With almost a hundred stain colors and customizable options, you could design a wood fence anywhere from a simple picket fence to a solid fence with a logo or initials cutout.

Madisonville Wood Fence

How Do You Plan on Using Your Fence?

Our fence options are adaptable to the varied wants and demands of Madisonville's residents and businesses. Whether you are looking for Residential Fencing or Commercial Fencing, we have what you need!

Madisonville Louisiana residential fencing company

Madisonville LouisianaResidential Fences

Our residential fences are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comply with all applicable Madisonville local codes and HOA fence requirements. The fact that we provide warranties on our installation workmanship and many of our manufacturers provide warranties on our fences shows just how dependable and high quality they are.

Madisonville Louisiana commercial fencing company

Madisonville LouisianaCommercial Fences

Commercial fences are wonderful for adding both beauty and safety to your business property. Just like our residential fences, we make sure our installation is done just right and meets the standards of your Madisonville regulations.


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Our FREE online Instant Fence Estimate Tool allows Madisonville LA's property owners to quickly and easily compare costs for various layouts, choices, and types of fencing for their property. Get a free, no-obligation price quote today!

Privacy Fences for Madisonville Properties

Madisonville homeowners and business owners can choose between a wide range of privacy fence styles that look great and last a long time. Privacy fencing is one of our specialties!

Madisonville Louisiana wood privacy fencing

Madisonville LouisianaWood Privacy Fences

One of the most common options for fencing in Madisonville is a privacy fence made of wood. Many people are drawn to the natural aesthetic and practical benefits that wood fences often have, not to mention the broad range of designs that may be achieved by our experienced craftsmen.

Madisonville Louisiana vinyl privacy fencing

Madisonville LouisianaVinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fences in Madisonville are not only attractive and long-lasting, but they need almost zero maintenance, which ensures that they will look good for many years without any inconvenience to you. It's no wonder vinyl fences are a popular choice for creating privacy!

Madisonville Louisiana chain link privacy fencing

Madisonville LouisianaChain Link Privacy Fences

Adding PVC slats to a chain link fence can add privacy and elegance to your yard or pool area. A commercial property can benefit from privacy slats as it obscures the view from stored materials that you may not want the public to see.


Fence Installation Options

For homes and businesses across Madisonville Louisiana, we will work with you to plan your fence installation the way you want it!

Madisonville Louisiana Professional Fence Installation

Professional Installation
Fences in Madisonville Louisiana

We have a fantastic crew of fence installers that are knowledgeable and efficient with any fence you can imagine. Call Zale Fencing when you need expert installation services. All of our fence professionals are experienced installers who know the Madisonville area, the climate, and your local town regulations. Connect with our staff about your fencing needs so that we can help you choose the ideal fence and arrange our expert installation.

Free Fence Quote in Seconds!

Our FREE online Instant Fence Estimate Tool allows Madisonville LA's property owners to quickly and easily compare costs for various layouts, choices, and types of fencing for their property. Get a free, no-obligation price quote today!

High-Quality Fencing and Friendly Customer Service from Zale Fencing

Residential and Commercial Fencing Professionals in the Madisonville Area

Zale Fencing is a customer service company that just happens to build great fences! For over 20 years, our business has been building fences and serving a wide area in the Madisonville Louisiana region.

We back our work with a workmanship warranty and use only the best quality fence products that come with their own manufacturer warranties. The experience we have created over the years is one main reason we can say our company is top in the area for fencing services and custom gate installation. Not only that, but our long list of satisfied customers tells it all with their great testimonials, too.

Fencing is what we do, and we are here for you! Call our fence experts today to discuss your fencing project and let us take you through the process to find you the perfect fit for your property and needs.

The Zale Fencing Difference in Madisonville Louisiana Fence Installations

Frequently Asked Questions About Fencing in Madisonville

Our most frequently asked questions about fences in Madisonville Louisiana.

The popularity of fence types in Madisonville varies depending on their intended use. Among residents and homeowners, vinyl and wood fences are commonly preferred, while aluminum and chain link fences are also commonly seen around the area. Commercial properties often opt for aluminum or chain link fences, based on their specific security and durability requirements.

Building permit requirements for fences can vary based on the location within Louisiana. While most fences below 6 feet in height typically don't require permits, it is essential to consult with your local municipality or our professionals to ensure compliance with the specific regulations governing fence installations.

With a proven track record, Zale Fencing has been providing fence installation services in LA since 2021. Our extensive experience and commitment to quality have made us one of the most reputable fence companies in the Madisonville area.

Rest assured, we are a fully licensed and insured company, equipped to handle fence installations in Madisonville with utmost professionalism. Our dedication to exceptional workmanship and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive the highest standards of service.

Getting an estimate from Zale Fencing is hassle-free! You can utilize our convenient instant online quote tool, reach out to our office staff through the online contact form, or simply give us a call. Our friendly fence experts will guide you through the process, offering expert advice and helping you design a fence that meets your specific security and privacy needs.

We provide a wide array of fencing styles to cater to diverse preferences in Madisonville. Our options include wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link fences, each offering unique features and benefits. Explore our website to get a glimpse of the available styles and feel free to contact us via phone or email for detailed information and personalized assistance.

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Buy A Fence in 3 Easy Steps in Madisonville

Since 2021, Zale Fencing has been supplying Madisonville with the high-quality fence installation and fence supplies that its customers have come to expect from the best contractor in the area. You can have the ideal fence for your property up and running in no time by following our three easy steps.

Buying a Madisonville fence - Step 1

From a Variety of Fence Types and Styles

Think about the many fence varieties we provide and the multiple fence designs that are offered for properties in Madisonville Louisiana. Many high-quality fences that can withstand the Louisiana climate and survive for decades are available to choose between. We are ready to take your call! Learn more about the many fence solutions we provide on our website.

Buying a Madisonville fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

Selecting a fence in Madisonville is as easy as giving our professional team a call or browsing the options on our instant fence quote tool. Select your favorite fence material, grade level, color, and style that fits all of your needs and budget.Zale Fencing has been consulting with homeowners and business owners on the finest fencing solutions for years, and we are happy to do the same for you. Find the greatest, most durable fence for your new construction project with our expertise.

Buying a Madisonville fence - Step 3

By the Top Professionals

As soon as you've made your fence and style decision, our crew can schedule the delivery of materials and get your installation on our schedule at a time that works best for you. We'll have your fence put up quickly and efficiently. Our staff is here to help you get exactly what you want and need.

Examples of Madisonville Louisiana Fences

Experience the artistry of our fencing installations across Madisonville Louisiana. Below, you'll catch a glimpse of recent projects. For a deeper dive into our work, don't hesitate to contact us!

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We've got your fastest and best solution for fence quotes in the Madisonville Louisiana area! Visit the link, input your details and get a quote generated in minutes with details to help you on your way to your new fence.

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