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Protecting your wood fence is important! That's why we offer the best solutions for high-quality wood staining and pre-staining around! Preserve the integrity and look of your wood fence with the option to install pre-stained wood which provides the best possible protection for the longest amount of time right from the moment your fence is installed.

Pre-staining your wood fence not only gives you the perfect look you want right from the moment your fence is installed, but it's also critical to protecting the natural material of wood immediately on the day it is on your property. You can choose between over 90 colors of our oil-based stains to match your space exactly the way you want!

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Opting for pre-stained wood fences will give you the highest level of protection and longevity for your wood fence. Pre-stained wood is able to cover every inch of the pickets and rails unlike staining after your fence is already installed. Wood's natural material makes it a beautiful option for fencing, but protecting it becomes a higher priority to keep it looking great longer.

The best type of stain for your pre-stained fence is a high-quality oil-based stain. Oil-based stains penetrate the wood better than other types of stain and will give your wood fence a beautiful depth of color.

Within the high-quality stains we use for all of our pre-stained wood fences, you can choose from a range of about 90 different colors and shades to match the exact look you want! Explore our fence estimator tool to see what we offer, and speak to our team for more details.

Pre-staining your wood fence will give it the protection it needs before you ever have it installed, which is the best case scenario. Once it's installed, the best maintenance plan is to have it re-stained every 3 years or else when you notice it's starting to fade. Many factors impact this, like how harsh the weather is over the years and how exposed your fence is to the elements and direct sunlight. If you choose to wait longer to re-stain your fence, it will still be protected, but may start to show signs of aging as time goes on.

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