There are many benefits to installing a new fence, but there is one that might come as a surprise to you. Not only does a new fence offer elevated aesthetics, privacy, and security, but installing a new fence gives you the added benefit of increasing your home’s value. A new Louisiana residential fence is a great selling point to a future potential buyer. Let’s take a look at the specific ways a new fence can increase the value of your residential or commercial property.  

Four Ways a Fence Can Add Value to Your Slidell, LA Property

A buyer will choose to purchase your property for many reasons, and an attractive, well-maintained fence can be one of them. As one of the top-rated fence companies in Louisiana, we’re sharing four reasons why your property values will increase with the addition of a new Louisiana residential fence. 

Increasing Your Property Aesthetic with Your New Fence

An attractive fence can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home. Whether it’s the quintessential white picket fence around a garden, the clean look of vinyl, or a modern dark stained wood, it’s hard to resist the charm that is added by a fence. Fences can be beautiful and create an inviting appeal to a home. A beautiful, well-cared-for fence can create an inviting appeal to a home and provide a great overall first impression for a potential buyer.

A Fence Adds Security for Children and Pets

For potential buyers with small children and pets, a fenced-in yard is typically at the top of their priority list when looking for a new home. A safe environment is important for people with children and pets and will provide a secure area for them to run and play. Working with one of the top-rated fence companies in Louisiana will ensure that your fence is installed properly to add trustworthy protection. 

Privacy Fencing in Slidell, LA

The benefit of installing a new privacy fence is that it provides a private atmosphere, lending itself well to family and friend gatherings and other outdoor entertaining. A potential buyer will likely appreciate a border fence, especially for the backyard space if there are neighbors in close proximity.  

Keep Loved Ones Safe With a Slidell, LA Pool Fence

Any outdoor swimming pool in Louisiana, whether it is in-ground or above-ground, needs to have a gated fence that meets certain specific requirements by law. A gated fence surrounding a swimming pool is a necessary safety precaution, especially for families that have small children and pets.

Popular Types of Louisiana Residential Fence

As we have explained, installing a Louisiana residential fence will increase the value of your property. As you take the time to consider what type of fence you want, we know it can be overwhelming as there could be many styles that may fit your particular needs and budget. By trusting Zale Fencing to build your fence, we guarantee the use of quality materials and expert installation. 

Wood Fencing Options for Your Louisiana Residential Fence

Our wood residential fencing offers both beauty and affordability. Wood is an excellent choice for your Louisiana residential fence as it works well with the climate in Louisiana while providing a natural appearance that blends well in any setting or style of home. One of the top benefits of a wood fence is its adaptability and low cost in comparison to some other fence materials. However, because wood is a natural material, it will require more maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Residential wood fences are customizable in the way that the height, color, and design can all be adapted to fit your particular style and preference.

Slidell, LA Vinyl Fencing

If you like the look of a wood fence but are concerned about its durability or don’t want to spend the time and money on maintenance that a wood fence requires, a vinyl fence is a great option. Our vinyl fencing does not fade in color, crack, or chip, can stand up well to the Louisiana elements, and is a popular long-lasting fence option. 

Chain Link Fencing in Louisiana 

Residential chain link fence options provide convenience, strength, and affordability for a quick and easy way to safeguard your house and land at a relatively lower cost than other materials. If you prefer a more attractive fence, we offer several options to upgrade the look and durability. You can expect your chain link fence to last upwards of 20 years, especially if you choose the PVC or Polymer coating options. Chain Link fencing is one of the more budget-friendly choices and can provide the perfect enclosed area in your backyard for children and pets.  

An Aluminum Fence in Slidell, LA

Aluminum residential fencing is a classic, elegant, and virtually maintenance-free fencing option that creates an attractive and secure border. While an aluminum fence won’t give you significant privacy, it is an excellent choice for protecting and beautifying your home while also providing value. Aluminum fencing is a preferred option with many customers because of its minimal maintenance requirements, high durability, and longevity, even though it does have a higher upfront price.

Work With Zale Fencing! One of the Top Rated Fence Companies in Louisiana!

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