Building a fence is a great investment if you want to add value and security to your residential or commercial property. If you are considering the purchase of a new fence, there’s no better company than Zale Fencing, a top-rated fencing contractor in Louisiana. Keep reading to see how you can get an instant quote today!

Get a Fast Response From a Slidell, LA Fence Company

As one of the top-rated fence companies in Louisiana, we pride ourselves in giving a high level of customer care. At Zale Fencing, we understand your time is valuable, so we want to make life a little easier and more flexible. If you have access to a computer, you’re going to love our new Instant Fence Estimator tool! This convenient tool allows you to get a preliminary quote for your new fence in just minutes!

Our Online Instant Fence Estimator is Easy to Use!

Once you’ve added some basic information like your name, address, and contact information into the estimator, you can begin designing the fence of your dreams. This tool allows you to see an aerial view of your property, draw a fence line within your property borders, choose materials, and compare costs. You can choose where to add gates, privacy elements, security enhancements, and/or other decorative add-ons. When choosing your fence, consider your existing home’s style, color, and decor to make sure that the finished project complements your home’s current aesthetic. 

Choose From Any of Our High-Quality Fencing Options

When you’re working with an expert fencing contractor in Louisiana, you should expect to have a number of options. We recognize that not every customer is the same, and neither is their style and personal preferences. At Zale Fencing we offer four different types of fencing materials: wood, aluminum, chain link, and vinyl. There are many options for customizing the layout and style of your new fence.


You will be able to look at different layouts and choose the style, material, color, and height of your fence. So, if your priority is curb appeal, you might choose an aluminum fence or a beautifully stained cedar wood fence. If your goal is to achieve greater privacy and security, you’ll likely opt for a strong, board-on-board fence, a vinyl fence or a chain link enhanced with vinyl slats for added coverage.


With so many different options to choose from, you will want to choose the fence that meets your specific needs. Here’s a short description of the fence materials we install:

Wood Fences

If you prefer a familiar, more natural look, browse our selection of wood fences. Wood fencing is a favorite for many people and one of the easiest to customize as they are the most versatile in style, size, design, and even wood type. The most popular styles of wood fencing are traditional picket, board on board, stockade, and shadowbox, and each style comes with its own unique look and features. We give you the option of cedar or pressure-treated pine to accommodate all preferences and budgets. Be sure to ask us about our staining services. Staining is a great way to compliment and personalize your home or building.

Vinyl Fence

With its long-lasting, low-maintenance features, our vinyl fence is a top choice for residential and commercial fencing in Slidell, LA. Vinyl is available in a wide range of styles and heights, including a wood grain texture that mimics the real wood you may have considered but that lasts longer and takes less effort to maintain, so you can have the best of both worlds! Whether you need a full privacy fence, a semi-privacy fence, or a more open picket or rail-style fence that complements the overall look and feel of your property, a vinyl fence is a great choice for your Louisiana home or business. Vinyl fences are one of the longest-lasting options that won’t crack or fade due to weather and are easily cleaned with simple soap and a rinse with a hose.

Chain Link Fences

When you need an affordable, durable fence that’s strong, you can always depend on chain link. Excellent for both residential and commercial properties, chain link fences are a great choice for areas that need to be secure. If you need additional protection, you can choose a black vinyl coating that provides extra protection against corrosion and rust and softens the look and feel of the fence. If you need additional privacy, you can add also add privacy slats to your chain link fence.  Check out our chain link fence and consider which one is the right choice for your space.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is one of the most attractive fences on the market. Aluminum has the look of wrought iron but is much lighter and a lot easier to care for. Not only is aluminum fencing low maintenance, but it is tough and guarantees great curb appeal. With the bonus of security and decorative add-ons, aluminum fence is a great option for your home or business.  

We’ll Follow Up With You to Verify the Details 

The experts at Zale Fencing are here to answer any questions you may have about how to use our online Instant Fence Estimator tool, we would be happy to help you navigate it over the phone. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you! 


After you have designed the fence you want for your property with our Instant Fence Estimator Tool, a summary page with your fence estimate will be sent to your email address along with contact information for our team at Zale Fencing. We will reach out to you to arrange an in-person meeting so we can confirm the measurements and do a walk-through of your property. During this time, we will answer your questions and provide advice on any issues specific to your property. We will make sure you have an exact quote for your new fence prior to your installation.


If you are curious to learn more about the developers behind the best fence estimating software on the market, visit the MySalesman website. They have been providing solutions for fence companies nationwide since 2012. The creative team behind this innovative and useful tool is actually in the fence industry too! 

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Use our Instant Fence Estimator Tool to look at different options and see what best fits your needs and budget! We will finalize your quote in person so you’ll know the exact cost of your project before we start. The professionals at Zale Fencing in Slidell, LA are ready to help with your next project. Call us at (985) 788-7089 or send a quick message to contact us online.