Starting a new fence project involves many decisions that need to be made by you, the home or business owner. One of the most important elements of a well-planned fence is the ability to enter and exit through the right type of gate and have the appropriate number of gates to suit your individual needs. Deciding how many gates and which type is best for you can be complicated, so the experts at Zale Fencing, one of Louisiana’s top-rated fence companies, created this simple guide to help you plan your next project.  

Gate Safety is Our #1 Priority!

At Zale Fencing, we prioritize gate safety above all else, approaching each project with the same care and attention we would give to our own family or business establishment. We understand that ensuring the safety and security of your property, loved ones, and pets is a top concern. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing high-quality gates that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meet the strictest safety standards. You can trust us to deliver gates that keep your property secure while offering peace of mind.

Types of Fence Gates by one of the Top-Rated Fence Companies in Mahopac, NY

When deciding on the number and types of gates you should install along with your new fence, a key detail to consider is the material you will be using. Gates that blend in with the existing or new fence are ideal. Choosing a style and material for the gates that will complement the whole project is easy when you work with a professional Louisiana residential fence company like Zale Fencing. We have a variety of styles available on our website, so check out our vinyl fences, aluminum fences, wood fences, and chain link fences to get some ideas and inspiration. 


The following gate options are some to choose from when working on a new fence installation:


  • Single/Standard Gates: The single-door gate has one swinging door and is big enough for one person to walk through. This type of gate is usually the same height as the fence. There are several design elements to choose from to customize your gate, including arched tops or latticework.


  • Double Gates: When considering access for more oversized items such as recreational vehicles or lawn equipment, a double gate is going to be necessary. Double gates can range from 10’ to 16’ wide to accommodate entry for specific needs. 

  • Drive Gates: Slidell automatic gates are a way to create an impressive entry to your property. For commercial properties requiring a secure access point, drive gates offer extra security and protection for employees and assets. 

  • Pool Gates: If your property includes a swimming pool area, then one of your priorities is going to be making sure your family and friends, especially small children, are kept safe. Many states and cities have regulations in place for pool gates and fences. The team at Zale Fencing is committed to adhering to all regulations, so you can be assured that your gate will meet or exceed code requirements. 

Consider the Size Of Your Property and Fence Location 

As you start planning for your new fence, considering the size of your property and the placement of your fence and gates is important. One gate may be all you need for a small lot, but if you have a larger yard, you may need two or more gates so that you can access your yard from multiple points. Additionally, you will want to consider the purpose of your new Louisiana residential fence. If the purpose is for it to act as a boundary with a neighbor or if it runs across the back edge of the yard, you may not need a gate at all. However, if you have children who play in the backyard, then it may be beneficial to have a gate in case you need to retrieve a ball that goes over the fence easily. 

Considerations for Residential and Commercial Properties

The size and number of gates you need for your project will also be dependent on the type of property you are planning to fence. Slidell, LA residential fence project may need entry points for personal vehicles, lawn care equipment, or recreational vehicles. 


A driveway gate should allow you, your family, and your friends to access your property easily, but it should also be able to keep unauthorized vehicles from being able to access your property. We are experts at installing Slidell automated gates with secured access so that you can trust us with your family’s safety. A dual-opening gate may be the best option for you, depending on the size and location of your home. Zale Fencing offers a variety of custom and automated gate systems.


Commercial property owners have different issues to consider for their space and may need several gates as entry points for their customers, employees, or freight. Warehouse and delivery areas may need to be separated from employee and customer parking areas, employee parking may need to be different than customer parking, and freight entry may need to be separated entirely from these as well. As one of the top-rated fence companies in Louisiana we have many years of experience in helping our clients to choose the perfect fence for their property.  

One of Louisiana’s Top Rated Fence Companies is here to Help You With Your Fence and Gate Needs!

As one of the top-rated fence companies in Louisiana, the pros at Zale Fencing are here to guide you through your new fence project from start to finish. Gate designs are as varied as fence designs, and we can help you plan the perfect fence and gate combination for your property. We are proud to offer our convenient Instant Fence Estimator tool, where you can design your fence, including gates, and receive a preliminary quote in minutes! Whichever fence type you are considering, we can’t wait to show you why we are known as the best Louisiana residential fence company in the Slidell, LA area. Call us at (985) 788-7089 or contact us online today!