If you’re tired of seeing the same fence around town, you’re not alone! Many residents in Slidell and the surrounding areas are looking to mix and match fence types to create a custom fence that stands out from the rest! 

As a top Slidell, LA fence company, Zale Fencing is ready to help give you ideas on combining all types of fences. From Slidell, LA wood fences, and aluminum fences to chain link and vinyl fences for your property, we have the ability to build you the perfect fence! In this article we’ll give you ideas and advice on how to successfully mix and match fence types. 

Mixing and Matching Fence Types Like a Pro

Combining different types of fence materials offers a range of benefits when compared to a single-material fence. In addition to giving your outdoor space a unique look, you’ll also get other benefits that come with combining materials. 

We’ve put together a few of the top questions and answers from our experts about mixing and matching fence types so that you get the most out of your Slidell, LA fence company. 

Can My Slidell, LA Fence Company Mix and Match Fence Types?

You can mix and match any fence type. Planning and choosing your mix-and-match fence is one of the most exciting parts of the planning process, and we don’t want you to settle for just any fence. 


We offer a few different fence types, each with its own strengths and benefits. If you are looking for an attractive or decorative fence to go around your front yard, then an aluminum fence may be one of the best choices for you! However, if along with the aesthetically pleasing aspect you want to add additional privacy around the back of your home or business, a natural-looking Slidell, LA wood fence, or a low-maintenance vinyl fence are great options. 


If you would prefer more privacy in the front of your home but want a more affordable but secure option for your backyard, then a vinyl and chain link fence combination might fit the bill. Our professional fence designers can help you take any of these fence types to create a practical yet beautiful perimeter fence for your home. 


If you’re not quite sure what type of fence you might enjoy the most, we have a large collection of our completed fence projects posted in our photo gallery for you to browse. 

How Do I Combine Fence Materials and Heights?

Creating a seamless transition between fence materials and heights is a vital part of successfully mixing and matching fences. We often have clients who want a shorter fence around the front of their property with taller fences around their backyard space. 

A height transition that is not well done can look unappealing, but fortunately, there are ways to make the transitions more seamless. Blocking transitions from your line of sight by adding trees, shrubs, or bushes that cover the area is a great option. As time goes on and the trees or shrubs continue to grow, the transition will be further blocked from sight, and the landscaping will help blend your fence into the natural landscape. 

Transitioning your type changes at the corners ensures that long stretches of your fence are made of the same material. Changing fence materials and heights in the corners of your fence creates a much less distracting look than changing in the middle of a long section of fence. 

Can I Add a Gate Into My Mix-and-Match Fence?

Our expert team of fencing contractors Slidell, LA fence company, Zale Fencing is fully equipped with the skills and materials necessary to help you add an attractive gate to your mix-and-match fence! You can choose to make your gates a different material from your fence, which can help tie different fence materials around your property together. 

For example, we love the look of aluminum driveway gates paired with a Slidell, LA wood fence. An aluminum gate can help create a seamless transition from a wood fence that goes around the perimeter of your property to an aluminum fence around another portion of your backyard or pool! 

How Can I Create a Visually Appealing Mix and Match Fence With Your Slidell, LA Fence Company?

While we love mix-and-match fences, we know that the number of choices can be a little overwhelming. We recommend that you stick with mixing and matching only two types of fence materials on your commercial or residential property. 


Our team also recommends that you place the varying fence types in locations that are best suited for their purpose. For example, you may choose an aluminum fence to border your property and a few sections of vinyl or wood fence to block off an area for utilities or garbage cans.

Let Us Do the Work and Let You Enjoy your Fence!

A good fence is a beneficial addition to any home or business, whether it’s intended for security, privacy, or a combination of both. Mixing fence types will provide great flexibility in terms of both function and design. A mix-and-match fence can fit into any design and budget. With the freedom to choose from various designs and materials, as well as choosing varying heights, colors, and gate options, you can truly personalize the look and feel of your fence. 

Create the Fence You’ve Always Wanted with Your Slidell, LA Fence Company

Slidell, LA fence company Zale Fencing is one of the leading experts in mixing fence types in the Slidell, LA region. When you work with us on your next fence project, you can rest assured knowing that you are working with the best! Reach out today by phone at (985) 788-7089 or contact us through our website so we can help you get started on your fence project.